Aug 06, 2017 | Keith Crosby

About Worship

Proposition: Psalm 100 shows us four essentials necessary to worship God.

  1. The Right Reaction. (v. 1)
  2. The Right Response. (vv. 2, 4)
  3. The Right Relation (Relationship). (v. 3)
  4. The Right Rationale. (v. 5)

Big Idea: Worship involves treating God and His people as we should.


  1. Read Psalm 100 in a couple of different translations. Now think about what it is saying (and not saying). Can you make 5 observations about what Psalm 100 is prescribing?


  1. Write out Psalm 100 long hand. Circle the command verbs. There are at least 7. What do these command verbs, what do these imperatives, or commands tell us about worship (this is an intentionally vague question)?


  1. Do you clap during singing at church? Does clapping make you uncomfortable? Do you realize it is okay to clap and okay not to clap? Relate this to verse 1.


  1. Read Psalm 150:2-5. Someone once suggested that worshipping with drums and electric guitars is difficult because of the 1960’s when the sexual revolution took place against a backdrop of music characterized by drums, loud music, and electric guitars, as well as tambourines, cymbals etc.… While we appreciate that concern, and understand why that might be a problem, how should Psalm 150: 2-5 (and verse 5 in particular) help them think through such concerns (particularly verse 5)?


  1. In verses 1-5 we see that worship, including thanksgiving, involves the emotions, intellect, and intentionality. Discuss this with your group, a verse at a time.


  1. Why can’t a person who is not a Christ-follower worship God (see verses 3 and 5)?


  1. How does God’s goodness and faithfulness (verse 5) charge up your worship? Does it?

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